Foldable LED grow light

  • No assembly required
  • Factory price
  • Great space utilisation
  • Low customization costs
  • RJ12 Dimmer / Knob Dimmer
  • Ten types of plugs
  • CE/ETL approved
  • 200+ country delivery
  • 3-5 year warranty

Product Dimension

The length, width and height of the 1000W folding plant light are shown in the figure. Its weight is 17KG/piece, and it can be customized Samsung 281B + Osram 660nm, if you have other ideas, we can also produce.
If you need, we will send the data test video of the aging process, product inspection, and production process to your mailbox. If it is a customized product, we will send you samples to ensure that the product meets your needs before mass production. With rich experience in custom production, we will keep you satisfied.

1000W Folding Plant Light
1000W Folding Plant Light


The spectral detection data of the 1000W grow light is shown in the figure. If you want to increase product yield, Full Spectrum is your first choice. If you pay more attention to the taste of the fruit, we recommend UV+IR plant lights, which can easily meet your needs with two UV light strips.


For new customers, we will send a test video to your email address

The PPFD value of 1000W is shown in the figure.
LEDshuliang 3328pcs (416*8bars)
LED Ratio 3000k:6500K:660nm
Light Efficiency 140lm/w
Lumen: 140000lm
Color rendering index Ra>80
Material Aluminum + PC housing
PF Rate >0.95
IP >54

1000W Folding Plant Light
1000W Folding Plant Light

Instruction Manual

In the package, there will be a plant light, a 2-meter plug, instruction manual, two hooks, and two hanging ropes. If there is any doubt about the assembly, we will send the installation video to your mailbox, and the excellent after-sales service starts with your quotation.

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