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SLT Lighting Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. is a factory with 12 years of production experience, dedicated to the production and R&D of LED plant lights, supporting OEM/EDM, OEM products for nearly 1,000 brand manufacturers every year, LED plant light series products chips all use Samsung, Osram and other international high-quality manufacturers, power supply using MEANWELL, SOSEN manufacturers of special power. Our products undergo four inspection procedures before shipment, and we strictly maintain quality control standards. The products have CE, UL, DLC, ETL, ROHS, FCC, and have a 3-5 year warranty and regular return visits to customers to ensure that the products operate normally during the warranty period.


Hot Selling Grow Lights Product Show

Product display of spider plant light

The most sold every year are the spider plant lights, with a 3-5 year after sales guarantee, you can choose from 600W/800W/1000W1200W/1500W, their advantage is the low price of shipping and the savings on electricity, many wholesalers choose this plant light, we have price discounts for wholesalers.

Product Display of Folding Grow Light

80% of our large customers buy folding plant lights for commercial planting, with a 3-5 year after-sales guarantee. 600W/720W/800W/1000W are available, their advantages are no installation, easy dimming, high space utilisation and wide irradiation area, many commercial growers choose this plant light.

Quantum board plant light product display

The advantages of the Quantum Board plant light are no assembly, plug and play, more light, more waterproof, lower transport costs, customisable bead distribution, available in 110W / 220W / 440W / 660W, this plant light is more efficient.

LED plant light production aging

Our plant lights are subjected to an ageing test of 48 hours or more, with four testing processes to ensure the quality of each batch, with a low product defect rate of 0.3%. We will send the ageing video to the orderer to ensure the quality rate of the product, please contact us if you have customization or wholesale needs.

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