Everything you need to know about Led Grow Light


Why do we need to be led to grow lights?

The five pillars necessary for plant growth are temperature, water, nutrients, air, and light. What if you want to grow in winter, this is the time to use a plant grow light, which can help us to replace the sunlight in the growing environment.

But there is no way for plants to be illuminated 24/7, so it is important to control the timing when using LED plant lights to replenish light. It is generally recommended that plants are kept between 12 and 16 hours of light in order to give them plenty of rest to ensure they work efficiently every day. This issue can be found in previous articles, which go into more detail about the height and duration of lighting required at each stage.

The quality of light also has a significant impact on plant growth. Plants that are flowering and fruiting need sufficient red light when they are flowering and fruiting. If there is not enough red light, the desired effect will not be achieved and the flowering and fruiting rate of the plant will be directly affected. If a variety of light for plants can be proportionally matched to the plant light according to the needs of the plant, the effect will be completely different and will not only shorten the growth cycle of the plant but also improve the yield and quality of the plant. This is the reason why plant lights have emerged and why LED plant lights have replaced traditional plant growth.

The influence of light quality on the various periods of plant growth is also evident. When flowering and fruiting times and light quality are reasonable, light intensity needs to be controlled with LED plant lights. If there is not enough light intensity, the photosynthesis and respiration of the plant are not evenly balanced and the plant is unlikely to grow. But too much light intensity, above the light saturation point, is a waste of electricity and has no effect on plant growth, so the ideal is to control the light intensity at the light saturation point so that the plants can grow healthily at the light saturation point at the fastest possible speed.

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