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LED industry priority: reconstruction of market integrity

Author:siling  Date:05 Jun 2017

    In a time of credit crisis outbreak , first hurt the majority of innocent consumers , then business , and finally the whole market.

Sanlu milk powder from home to Leonardo da Vinci , are the operating profits for their own group to take all the words and deeds contrary to the principles of honesty , in the end , and finally shooting at his feet, not worth the candle . In this case , is not the mere act of individual brands , but there are many brands to participate in the group phenomenon .


    Although the market still exist, and the long-term consumption and sales activities will proceed, may face credibility problems , there will be many people believe ? Maybe even bombastic sales in the market will find themselves in good faith how funny.


Waste oil, lean pork, dyed pasta, fruit formalin , fire wire , extra duty faucet , poor paint , radioactive tiles, sanitary ware profiteering , fake floor , fake sweater, shabby ...... erosion affecting all our lives .


    While the commercial sector has ruthless competition and survival and development pressures, but because they let the brand managers discard morality, abandoned integrity, then the market will become very frightening , people talking crazy . Market operators need to consciously uphold moral dignity and uphold integrity in order to obtain long-term healthy development.


    Right now, the credit crisis has seriously hampered the development of the brand . Insight admits: "seed to germinate , trees to grow , there must be a suitable soil , but also have the right water, nutrients and air , brand development , too. Lack of order in the market now , conduct of operations are not standardized, counterfeit shoddy flooded disorder without a healthy and secure environment , how can brands grow ? Therefore, if the current environment has been effectively improved , century-old brand is difficult to cultivate . "


    I think: let the market healthy and orderly development depends primarily on the overall quality of the market operators . When the vast majority of operators have improved the quality , with the moral qualities and professional knowledge and skills, in good faith, they will consciously reject unconscionable violations of the law , then the false promises and fake products will lose survival of the soil to sustain , in the vast majority of operators under the stick of justice , that is, there are so twelve mouse droppings , but also can not afford to turn waves can not exist root , market integrity naturally becomes a corollary to set up.


    Need water flowing blood of morality , commercial operations , too. Reconstruction of market integrity , but the domestic industry a priority.

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