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Still need to work hard

Author:siling  Date:05 Jun 2017

    Era of progress, society in advance. After thirty years of reform and opening up , logistics developed, convenient transportation , and material conditions of people's lives more rich than before , hard-working spirit is also gradually being discarded.

    Farmers ( in addition to plantation owners ) are no longer satisfied to grow crops , but with the flow of gold to be able to make money over the country, particularly since the 1990s formed a mighty army of migrant workers . In order to make money , at the shortage of land. Writing this text, the author is also a migrant workers .


    In fact, the home of the field since the home ground since the eighties never as seriously as Sinong too , and some essentially barren. Because at home , worked hard farming, if there is no money to go out , you may also not feed themselves, hometown people, did not have a sort of Land , yield even higher, there is not much gain. I remember the late eighties early nineties million households , it is the furniture, cattle , chickens, ducks , pigs and other statistics counted as out of the money . Our village by planting fruits and vegetables to make money a family , hard earned three thousand yuan a year , considered a very good three years to earn a million households .


    China is a populous country , food clothing house is fundamental, as farmers, most of the basic work discarded , came bustling city bitter money is indeed not been forced . Well now , with the rent and vegetables , food industry, prices soaring, the cost of living has been steadily rising , from the coast to the west, migrant workers live is not easy , not easy to boil enterprise .


    As competition intensifies, some SMEs have entered the winter or even close down, migrant workers are fewer and fewer job opportunities .


In the recent past , the young migrant workers continue to come from the coastal areas of Yunnan, to Kunming , but they are not many job opportunities . Because of the stock market over the country are basically the same.


    Limited employment opportunities are dirty , heavy work , you need to sweat blood pressure and even live , and now young people are unwilling to choose , because are not willing to endure hardship , and some dry but also because there is no way forced .


    Let's work force , the overall quality is not high , the lack of technical , managerial , sales-oriented and complex industrial upgrading reforms needed professional talents, to learn as these skills are needed after some hard work , and if you do not have these qualities , asking too survival and development opportunities, but also need to work hard .


    Today's condition is still in the primary stage of socialism from communism is still a long way to go. Complex and volatile international environment , in order to achieve our goal , working hard this fine tradition , is essential.

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