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Activate the market, not just the discounts

Author:siling  Date:05 Jun 2017

    Activate the market , not just discounts

    Discount , just a means to activate the market , but not all promotional content , to promote sales of flexible and diverse ways . In early 2011, so far , rarely been dancing together , the market is difficult to see the "wind and water ."


    Some businesses , admits: "A lot of promotional activities are music to the opening drum deafening sound , and then quietly closed. Thunder and rain . Influential brand is even no exception ! "


    Is the market really die ?


    Market or that market . Industry sources called " engineering floor" , "Engineering tile ", " sheet metal works " in secret sales wang, business fire . Some consumers to the market, do not look at the brand , just look at the price , and finally look at quality and service. Sanlu milk powder incident , and Leonardo da Vinci as an event to let the market integrity lost, consumers are no longer superstitious brand, such crises , when a strong brand in order to seize market share, began processing low-quality low-priced products have been doomed have today outcome.


    Industry speak of " engineering " has become a low-cost or low-cost low-quality synonymous with poor quality is no quality assurance. Months ago , Lijiang has a single floor engineering business , all-inclusive price of 50 yuan / square meter , but also deduct 5% quality guarantee , we see that this is a kind of situation . Recently , there are several cases of certain mall decoration using " engineering materials " , there is a business , said: " The price of the purchaser requirements sad ."


    Although the price killer role in getting weaker , but still used by everyone to seize the market . Many strong brand presence hypermarkets , ranging from hundreds of meters, more than a thousand square meters of luxury hall , a lot of money in the burned after it is sold cheap low-quality goods , as people how to understand ? Like seven-star hotel takeaway two yuan a cage dragons package Threepenny a little bread, very nondescript.


    A wholesale brand-name appliances manufacturers say : "Now the market is really too confusing , so there is no order , and kitchen appliances sales are about 80 % of the OEM assembly fakes, only 20% is the normal manufacturers of brand goods. did not help it ! assembled goods is cheap , profit margins ! "Regardless of whether the CEOs say appropriate, but the market is disorderly , price to win is a fact .


    Each brand's success , are in terms of quality , regardless of product, service , or adapt to lead the industry at the time that , rather than simply price. Each one lasting growth of the brand, the quality of innovation have always insisted , run fast , but also strengthened the marketing innovation .


    These strong brand influence, appeal and huge profitability, are made arduous efforts . And give up in terms of quality , service, and marketing efforts on innovation , brand influence will gradually weaken , the rising star to catch up and surpass .


    Activate the market , is not a simple discount , there are many ways you can go to work , just stop and think consumer demand , will be able to make better decisions.

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