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Calm the market of casting brand!

Author:siling  Date:05 Jun 2017

    There is no free lunch, how much return on investment gains . The market is not the best, only better, not the worst , only worse.

    Many businesses a good shop , sit back and wait like operating stores, no gain , it is a matter of course , because the passage of time , and today speak good store operations to keep talking past the significance of a good store already has a very big difference , if not with the times, can not worry about people blaming Heaven .


    There are a lot of friends , hopes pie in the sky , falling BRIC , sign big one, even impossible , if their hopes fantasy , today's market operators resolved to not succeed.


    Wealth is like water in the cup on the interior , not only injected slowly evaporate declining.


    With the brand increases, expansion of the market , consumers diversion, regardless of the store or brand, business is getting harder and harder , competition is becoming strong, increasing pressure .


    Since the end of 2007 settled in Yunnan Alex floor in 2009-2010 had been affected industries to obtain satisfactory results : Continuing the promotion effect of rapid network construction , sales rose steadily , are impressive.


    Strong promotion of the 2000 National Antarctic , Beiji Rong thermal underwear by Ge You, Xu Fan , Zhao Benshan , respectively featuring spokesperson, also doing surging, sensual sexy , from 2000 to 2004 , consumers lining up to buy it was commonplace.


    There 1999-2002 ultra fire Bird mobile phones have become the successful operation of the market story


    However , to date, the influence of these brands what ?


    Brand in the market to maintain a long-term influence, must meet the following four points: the quality of continuous innovation , service and prices continue to adapt ( or bootable ) market, the market continued to promote the marketing team continued fighting .


    The author believes that these markets have fame of the brand over time , then in the above four areas are doing well, but did not last stick , not long active in the market. As Bird mobile phones in product development is clearly not with the times ; Antarctic , Beiji Rong in product development and marketing promotion are not continuous adhering ; Alex flooring in the promotion and team building failed to continue. There are many such cases .


    Now and in the future more brutal competition in the market , in the above four elements would do best not to carry the brand operation , otherwise , the opponent has not yet found lying in the mud does not turn up. Unfortunately many of our friends did not go through market research analysis , a little money came in, there are very few successful luck , most of them were badly bruised , dying.


    There is a mentality problem , most people cast money eager to win back their money , no good luck, only quick success, the brand operation greatly reduced.


    By winning furniture sofa section , actually home three anniversary , big business exchange floors, woodwork , lighting festival promotional activities etc. can be seen , the current consumer market is not "virtual fire" , the future of rigid demand more substantial. For the market chaos and competitive pressures , we need to keep a calm mind, indifferent face , to have brand thinking , long-term construction , will be warm maintained, from the above four aspects to work , responsibility , then the future is our market opportunities .

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